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Personal statement

My name is Óscar González and this is my personal portfolio. I work between the technical and the artistic, spanning very different fields: I am a passionate engineer, having received my bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from University of Seville, and going on to study a master's degree in Powertrain Engineering at Institute Francais du Petrole (which currently I do not use at all). I have spent time living and working in Spain, France and England – finally returning to Spain where I currently reside in Barcelona. I could say that my approach to technology extends beyond traditional sector roles and has brought me into other fields, including the arts. Currently, I combine these two fields in different proportions in the artistic works shown in this portfolio.


Apart from the two obvious interests of art and engineering, I am currently focused on the implications of technology within society and how as humans we relate to our own creation: sometimes in a destructive way and at other times in a collaborative way. I am interested not only in how art can be shaped by technology through interactive installations, but also how the audience and the performer can have an important role in the action taking place, adding a random, human element to the messages we want to transmit.