More Than Words

- Interactive installation with Rebecca Anne Peters


Code: openframeworks

Artist: Óscar González and Rebecca Anne Peters

Presented at: Recorreguts Sonors (2017) / Seismes - Fabra i Coats (2018)


Rebecca Anne Peters

Fabra i Coats

More Than Words is a large-scale immersive installation that simulates an MPC player. Instead of the normal sounds that are used in the real device for mixing beats, the installation offers a new way to tell stories, through fragmented, stream-of-consciousness narrative association. It is a new way to experience a story, one that is unique to each viewer depending on their particular movements within the installation.

In More Than Words: Seismes (2018), the sounds in the installation came only from YouTube videos. Some were well-known audio recordings, like Trump’s grab them by the pussy, while others were less recognizable within their isolated context, like children crying in a US detention center. With this, we aimed at triggering discussion around social commentary and viral phenomena, and to manifest how the perception of these can be simply affected by randomness.

The piece was previously presented in 2017, during the Recorreguts sonors festival, at Convent de Sant Agusti, Barcelona, exploring audio recordings inspired by a series of interviews with 16 participants.